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Vogone Vocal Remover 3.30 + Crack

September 1, 2014 | Audio Tools | 647 views Download Now

Vogone has evolved since 1968 so you know its got to be different. Today, like a good patent polished for decades, all its “wizardry” is hidden as it magically changes your focus from removing the vocals to preserving the music without vocals. Only Vogone creates the resulting quality music.

One of the incredible discoveries we made years ago is… by keeping some vocal highest and lowest frequencies that you barely hear, on some songs its mind-blowing how the music instruments sound fantastic! You hear your adjustments as you make them, instantly knowing when you find the “sweet spot” with the best music and the least vocals. It took us years to perfect this so today even children can use it. Professionals say it’s impossible.

Have you ever wanted songs with music on one track, and music + vocals on the other? With Vogone, a single click creates a “multiplexed” song. You learn new songs faster by practicing with the music + vocals, and performing with the music only. MTU’s Microstudio® and Hoster® software and many Karaoke Players, play either track to both speakers. A single click also reverses any multiplexed song to only have the music on both tracks.

To turn your vocal removed songs into Karaoke CDG songs with lyrics highlighting to the music, simply open your new music with MTU’s acclaimed KHPro™ and place the lyrics in perfect sync. Then, use Microstudio to burn your new Karaoke CDG songs to a CDG Karaoke (or CD Audio) Disc. You can play these in Karaoke or DVD players at Karaoke shows, on ocean cruses, in your car or boat, your Sony walkman, any player you have… compatibility proven worldwide since 1996. All this power from MTU, the Karaoke product leader with the best support in the industry.


  • Remove Vocals at Center Stage Location
  • Remove Vocals at any Stage Location
  • Adjust For Quality Music
  • Frequency Removal Meters
  • Import Your Favorite Audio CD Tracks Directly
  • Use Your Karaoke BIN, KMA, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G Files
  • Use Your Audio MP3, WMA and WAV Files
  • Boost Music Bass And Treble
  • Create 2-Track Monaural Files
  • Create Stereo, Karaoke, or Multiplexed Files
  • Create or Reverse Karaoke Multiplex Songs
  • Instantly Play Anywhere
  • Boost The Volume
  • Professionally Written Manual
  • Some Songs Will Still Have Vocals

Release Name: Vogone Vocal Remover 3.30 + Crack-SharePirate.Com
Size: 5.65 MB

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1. Unrar and install
2. Use the provided file to make it fully functional
3. Support developers by buying the software you enjoy!

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