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DOGE Coin Offline Block Chain 30 August 2014 4GB

August 30, 2014 | Application | 108 views Download Now

DOGE Coin Offline Block Chain cover
DOGE Coin is a cryptographic currency that follows the foot steps of Bitcoin and Litecoin. It has been in the spot light for its popularity due to its constant exposure to possible user market. Specially the sponsorship of DOGE coin to Nascar race car driver Josh Wise.

If its going to be your first time to setup your Doge coin, it will take almost a whole day to sync it with the network. You will have to download a block chain good for 16 weeks. Also, the cryptographic client doesnt have a download accelerator to speed up the synchronization with the network so a solution to that is an offline copy of the block chain. You may still have to sync your DOGE coin client for the number of days its behind so you may start downloading a block chain starting September 2014 since this offline version is updated up to August 2014.

Release Name: DOGE Coin Offline Block Chain 25 April 2014 3GB-SharePirate.Com
Size: 3.9 GB
Uncompressed Size: 5.47 GB
DOGE Coin Version: 1.8

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Just go to your DOGE coin data directory and copy paste the content of the archive to that directory and re open your DOGE coin client again. Your done. This is a highly compressed file so you can save up to 1GB of data instead of downloading the uncompressed 4GB block chain of DOGE coin.

Where to find your DOGE coin data, just type in the run box (windows icon + R) %appdata% and navigate to roaming folder, you will see a dogecoin folder so get inside of it and paste the offline block chain. You can also set the directory of doge coin data by adding this line to your shortcut properties: -datadir=D:\Programs\Dogecoin\Data\ or : -datadir=”C:\Programs\Dogecoin\Data\”

So it may look like this taking into account that you install your client on non OS resident drive:
D:\Programs\Dogecoin\dogecoin.exe -datadir=D:\Programs\Dogecoin\Data\

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