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Lingoes Translator 2.8.1 + Dictionaries

September 9, 2014 | Application | 649 views Download Now

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Lingoes is an easy and intuitive dictionary and text translation software, It offers lookup dictionaries, full text translation, capture word on screen, translate selected text and pronunciation of words in over 80 languages. These language are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Arabic, Hebrew, Vietnamese, Thai and more…


  • Cross-translation over 80 languages
  • Text translation over 34 languages
  • Ctrl + Right mouse button key for the cursor translation
  • Translate selected text
  • Words and Texts Pronunciation
  • Open management of dictionaries
  • Free dictionaries and thesauruses download
  • Online dictionaries and Wikipedia
  • Appendices System

Release Name: Appz.Name.Version-SharePirate.Com
Size: 3.2 MB

  • American Heritage Dictionary 4th Edition.ld2
  • Apresyan English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Building English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Building Russian-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.ld2
  • Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 5th Edition.ld2
  • Collins Cobuild English Grammar.ld2
  • Collins English Dictionary.ld2
  • Comprehensive Dictionary of Contemporary Russian.ld2
  • Concise English Dictionary.ld2
  • Dictionary of English Abbreviations.ld2
  • English Idioms Dictionary.ld2
  • English Slang Dictionary.ld2
  • English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary.ld2
  • English-Russian Short Dictionary.ld2
  • Essential English Dictionary.ld2
  • FOLDOC Computing Dictionary.ld2
  • French Academy Dictionary.ld2
  • Investopedia Financial Terms.ld2
  • Le Nouveau Petit Robert de la langue francaise 2007.ld2
  • Littre French Dictionary.ld2
  • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.ld2
  • Longman Language Activator.ld2
  • MacMillan English Dictionary – American.ld2
  • Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.ld2
  • Microsoft Computer Dictionary.ld2
  • Moby Thesaurus II.ld2
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary.ld2
  • Oxford Business English Dictionary for learners of English.ld2
  • Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English.ld2
  • Oxford Dictionary Of Allusions.ld2
  • Oxford World Encyclopedia (1998).ld2
  • Polytechnical English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Polytechnical Russian-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Quick English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Quick Russian-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary.ld2
  • Roget’s II – The New Thesaurus.ld2
  • Russian Explanatory Dictionary.ld2
  • Russian-English Short Dictionary.ld2
  • The New Chinese-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • The Oxford Thesaurus – An A-Z Dictionary of Synonyms.ld2
  • Universal English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal French-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal German-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Italian-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Russian-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Russian-French Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Russian-German Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Russian-Italian Dictionary.ld2
  • Universal Spanish-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Vicon English Dictionary.ld2
  • Vicon English-Russian Dictionary.ld2
  • Vicon French-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Vicon German-English Dictionary.ld2
  • Vicon Russian-English Dictionary.ld2
  • ViconEnglishGermanDictionary.ld2
  • Vicon_English-French_Dictionary.ld2
  • Webster’s New World Essential Vocabulary.ld2
  • Wikipedia_English.ld2
  • Word Orgins Dictionary.ld2
  • Word Parts Dictionary.ld2
  • WordNet English Dictionary.ld2
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