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PDF To Speech 12.1 Android – DeBTPDA

August 31, 2014 | Mobile Applications | 19 views Download Now

Make an increasing number of content sources Audible !
Pdf-to-Speech Pro uses text to speech to play your text documents and books. Listen to your your office documents, books, articles and research papers while you drive, run, or walk the dog.


  • Website-to-Speech: Pdf-to-Speech can read website pages.
  • Ideal for articles and blogs. Improved to extract just the text related to content.
  • Download and save your PDF files and plain text file Attachments from the gmail app and other apps. The downloaded file is placed in the Download folder.
  • Replace Text tool: Replace words or phrases to avoid repetitive, unnecessary phrases. Use it to replace foreign words with more phonetic alternatives. Use it to omit symbols. or to unfurl acronyms. It can also be used to replace names or words with funny substitutes.
  • Support for Bluetooth media buttons (single click skips sentences, double click skips pages ).
  • Gestures: Use gestures to quickly flip pages, advance sentences, and to play and pause the reader. A menu help option informs of the available gesture instructions.
  • Support for SVOX, IVONA text-to-Speech and other High Fidelity text-to-speech synthesizers.

Supported Formats:

  • Text files (txt)
  • Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • Electronic books (ePub) (DRM eBooks not supported)
  • Microsoft Word documents (doc)
  • Microsoft Power Point (ppt)
  • Microsoft Word XML (docx)
  • Microsoft Power Point XML (pptx)
  • Web pages (URL link)
  • Images with text (jpeg,png)

Release Name: PDF.To.Speech.v12.1.Android-DeBTPDA
Size: 7.3 MB

ScreenshotInstall NotesDownloadMembers

1. Unrar and install
2. Use the provided file to make it fully functional
3. Support developers by buying the software you enjoy!

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