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Devil Ash Days (Devil Ash Saga Book 1) by Mitchell Olson

January 10, 2016 | Fiction Ebooks | 2 views Download Now

Devil Ash Days (Devil Ash Saga Book 1) by Mitchell Olson

Devil Ash Days (Devil Ash Saga Book 1) by Mitchell Olson
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Teenage slacker Ash Kaplan is going to Hell! When his home becomes a battleground
between three ancient warring forces: Angels, Demons, and Devils, Ash discovers the
limits of his humanity just trying to get his mom out alive. On the verge of a grisly demise,
Ash gets a second chance at life from a passing Devil named Goddard. The mysterious
man revives Ash as a Devil and takes him back to Hell . . . .

. . . .which is more civilized than Ash could have ever hoped for. The Devil inhabitants of
the Kingdom of Hell live in constant terror from the ghastly demons that lurk just outside
their protective walls. To repay his life debt to Goddard, Ash is placed on a special team
tasked with helping to eliminate Demons, pairing him with the brash Princess of Hell and
a lazy, crude guy with a deadly curse.

Ash has a lot to learn about being a devil, like how to fly with his new wings, conjuring and
controlling flames with his bare hands, and most importantly, training to fight against the
savage Demons of Hell. His only hope for salvation lies in an ancient artifact called God’s
Blessing. If Ash can locate this holy relic, he may just be able to escape from Hell and return to his normal life back on Earth once again.

And so begin the Devil Ash Days, one boy’s struggle to find his place in Hell.

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