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Firehurler by J.S. Morin (Twinborn Trilogy #1)

January 1, 2016 | Fiction Ebooks | 4 views Download Now

Firehurler by J.S. Morin (Twinborn Trilogy #1)

Firehurler by J.S. Morin (Twinborn Trilogy #1)
Requirements: epub reader, 803 kB
Overview: Kyrus Hinterdale has never dreamed. Neither has Brannis Solaran. What they once thought were dreams were really windows into another world. Linked by fate, and a mystical connection that they do not fully understand, each of them watches the events of the other’s life when they close their eyes to sleep. Kyrus’ world is ruled by reason and bustling trade, while Brannis lives in a world of magic and fabulous creatures.

When they cross paths with another pair with knowledge from both worlds, it becomes a battle of wits – each must try to outmaneuver the other, with the fate of kingdoms, and their own lives, at stake.

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