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Twinborn Trilogy by J.S. Morin

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Twinborn Trilogy by J.S. Morin

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Overview: I am a writer of epic fantasy. I enjoy strategy, world-uilding, and filling in the missing words that English forgot. My ultimate goal is to be both clever and right at the same time.
I took to writing because the gaming group I DMed for kept throwing monkey wrenches into my elaborately crafted stories. I decided to take over their part and write as a novelist. It allowed me to break free of the constraints of the gaming mechanics and create my own worlds. More importantly, it gave me the freedom to create the characters I wanted to inhabit those worlds, and not just the NPCs. Firehurler started off from a dream, one that I could recall no detail from, just a strong sense of how real it had felt at the time. It got me thinking of what it would be like if the person in my dreams had just fallen asleep and started dreaming of my world, equally unable to recall it on waking. That was the origin of the Twinborn Trilogy concept: the stories of the people who could remember.

Book # 1 – Firehurler
Kyrus Hinterdale has never dreamed. Neither has Brannis Solaran. What they once thought were dreams were really windows into another world. Linked by fate, and a mystical connection that they do not fully understand, each of them watches the events of the other’s life when they close their eyes to sleep. Kyrus’ world is ruled by reason and bustling trade, while Brannis lives in a world of magic and fabulous creatures.

When they cross paths with another pair with knowledge from both worlds, it becomes a battle of wits – each must try to outmaneuver the other, with the fate of kingdoms, and their own lives, at stake.

Book #2 – Aethersmith
War has come to Veydrus.
As Kyrus Hinterdale and Brannis Solaran work to understand the intricacies of their Twinborn connection, they must also analyze and unravel the game Jinzan and Denrick played to get a step ahead of them. While planning a war, and coming to terms with Juliana’s impending wedding to Iridan, Brannis knows that he needs to feed Kyrus more advanced magical knowledge and training if they ever hope to keep the Kadrin empire from destruction. However, just as plans are starting to come together, a spell of Kyrus’ goes very wrong, and the two find themselves in an even bigger dilemma than ever. With the help of other Twinborn, they struggle to gain the upper hand in the war, and set everything back as it should be.

Book #3 – Sourcethief
War ravages Veydrus. Driven back by the magical might of the Kadrin Empire, the Megrenn Alliance is in a shambles. The war spills into Tellurak. and Twinborn plots spanning the two worlds threaten the course of the war from all sides, including within the empire itself. Desperate to find a way to counter the unstoppable power of an army led by a demon warlock, Jinzan Fehr seeks an ancient source of power. Thus begins the Fourth Necromancer War

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